A simplified solution to the cannabis industry.

We provide an easy and efficient solution to meet compliancy. Cannabis activity tracking in just 4 main actions.

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Track & trace made easy.


Recording grow activity throughout every stage of your garden's lifecycle shouldn't slow down your business. NatureTrak helps gardeners flourish in the realm of compliance.


Batch records and documentation should be the final step of reporting. Capture and report every infusion, extraction package and labeling process.


Assign tasks and manage inventory between locations using real-time geolocation. Tracking and shipping cannabis has never been easier.


Ensure customers know your menu better than ever before–complete with label scanning and proof of origin. Achieve greater profitbility and enhance your supplier relationships.

Works with regulators, built for you.

Inventory Management

Maintain complete control over your entire inventory. Ensure accuracy and preventing audits.

Order Management

Easily manage your order processing by using our mobile and web applications powerful reporting and business intelligence.

UID Management

Assign, manage and track labeled goods and packages with RFID/UID barcodes provided by METRC.


Government certified data report. Customized reports to fit your specific cannabusiness needs.

Operate at a higher level.

NatureTrak’s solution removes the guesswork at every level of interaction. We deliver a clear and transparent verification solution that identifies and verifies cannabis businesses, employees & patients in real-time at each exchange in the value chain.

We work closely with a variety of companies and representatives that understand what it takes to move our industry forward.